We are entirely focused on what truly matters to you - your needs, your wants and your concerns. We listen to your story, hear you out and then build your plan. We implement your strategy and pro-actively seek to adapt it to changing market conditions to ensure your goals and objectives are always achieved.

Your funds are always safeguarded and held in custody in your own name with high profile, regulated financial institutions and intermediaries.


None of our solutions involve actual possession of client funds; your accounts are open and held in your name at a partnering custodian. All our custodians are reputable broker-dealers who operate under strict regulatory regimes. All accounts are protected against firm (broker-dealer) insolvency to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Our compensation model is transparent and fair. Our fees are tied to our performance to a significant extent.


We charge much lower management fees than most other firms, thus reducing the long-term performance drag in your account. We tie our compensation to our performance anywhere we can, aligning your incentives and ours to an extent few people find conceivable.

We reconcile market action with market fundamentals using advanced statistics in order to determine the position in the overall market and economic cycles.


Behaviorally, we work with the assumption that the markets are a fractal underlined by proportions widely met throughout nature. Fundamentally, we believe that there ultimately is convergence between market and intrinsic values in the long run. Where we get alignment between market behavior and market fundamentals, profitable opportunities arise.

Our liquidity providers offer access to hundreds of global exchanges and a complete equity, fixed income and derivatives product suite.


All our liquidity providers offer unrestricted access to tens of global exchanges and hundreds of thousands of publicly traded equity, fixed income and derivative instruments. Provided suitability requirements are met, any such instrument can be added to your permitted investment universe.

We don’t just build investment solutions. In consultation with you we build your own investment solutions.


Your portfolio will be structured not only based on what we as professionals perceive and understand as "market realities"; but also based on what you as an individual need, want or are capable of accepting. We do not force anything upon you, rather, we present a range of suitable options and help you decide on the choice of best fit according to who you are as a person as well as an investor.

We are grateful for the trust you put in us and go at great lengths to provide you the best level of service and a truly predictable experience.


We fulfill our fiduciary duty to our clients not merely as a legal and contractual obligation but rather as a philosophy of life and daily business practice. Whatever your needs are, we undertake every effort and invest all our energy and resources to meet them. Our level of service reflects our belief that we do not only owe a duty of care but must remain in the business of caring.

We use proprietary technology and software to develop all our fundamental and behavioral rule-based models.


We have developed proprietary technology that helps us mine extensive financial data in many unique ways. Our software is capable of systematically analyzing prevailing relative strength patterns and deriving multi-layer portfolio structures at the asset class, industry/group and issuer level in the context of any given traditional investments mandate. It is also capable of testing and running immensely complex algorithms for any set of cash or derivative instruments deemed suitable in the context of any alternative investments program.


Are you tired of high fees, unreasonable risks and poor returns ? We’ll help you make your saving and investment processes more robust and more efficient.

With ST Global you will regain control over your savings. You will evaluate investments on a risk-adjusted basis and you will formulate investment strategies according to realistic scenarios. You will strategically alter both your asset mix and your security picks based on outlooks for absolute as well as relative returns at the asset class, industry/group and issuer level. And last but not least you will understand the fees you are paying and the value you are getting in return.


We'd be glad to listen to your story and show you how ST Global can improve your long-term financial security.



Are you a registered adviser on the IIROC or MFDA platforms? Our discretionary platform offers a better alternative to you and your clients.

Do away with the inefficiencies of the traditional models in the financial services industry. Transition your clients to a more robust platform delivering better risk-adjusted returns, without a corresponding increase in fees. Share into improved efficiencies and economies of scale by getting more "bang for the buck" out of your book of business.


Let's get to know each other in strict confidentiality and evaluate how ST Global can help you improve the level of service you deliver to your clients.



Do you have concerns regarding the viability of your cross border investments? Do you seek to give a systematic tilt to your existing traditional or alternative investment strategies?

Through our consultative approach, we spot opportunities for improvement and add needed layers of fundamental or technical financial modeling to existing forecasting and portfolio building methodologies. In particular, we help you mitigate the currency risk associated with portfolios of foreign assets; and we help you structure or refine rule-based investment mandates of traditional or alternative natures.


Talk to us in strict confidentiality to determine how ST Global can help you deliver on existing or future mandates.



Are you tired watching how capital markets volatility erodes your firm's earnings? We can help you develop a risk control system.

Our corporate risk management program concentrates on meeting the risk management needs of a very diverse corporate clientele. The coverage may vary from simple risk assessments to determinations, implementations and continuous follow-ups of complex hedging strategies.


We look forward getting to know you and your company and understanding how ST Global can assist building a personalized hedging program.

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